Princess Taehyun♡
by Sera

How did I fall in love with you?

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Countdown to WINNER’s debut D-9 WINNER TV Ep. 2

"speak korean or get out" HAHAHAHAHA

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let princess nam show you how to sit

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cause FAB. cr: 19940510_com

I hardly was able to stop laughing after seeing this…Thank you Taehyunah for burning Seungyoon’s headbands XD

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Let’s Meet Winner! - Introducing Nam Taehyun.

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Graceful Princess (◡‿◡✿)

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TITLE: Dorm? You mean whorehouse


  1. Maybe? - Seunghoon solo
  2. Can U Two Stop We Want To Sleep - Seungyoon ft. Jinwoo (dedicated to Namsong)
  3. Uriga Winnah - group song
  4. Took Me Just 3 Hours (To Find The Toilet) – Jinwoo solo
  5. Kim Rachel – Seungyoon solo
  6. Get A Room – Jinwoo ft….

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